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My journal is friends only. I use this journal to rant about a lot of things. I am a nice person so don't be afraid, click on the comment button.

To help you along, I list some of my likes and whatnot behind the cut.

I'm a mom who lives in Texas. I'm married, have four children, a couple of dogs and a cat. I like to read fanfics and play lots of video games. In truth, I am a dull person. Every now and again I will get the urge to write something. I tend to keep a low profile. It's nothing against you; that's just the way I am. It's extremely doubtful that I will approach you first, whether it be LJ, AIM or Yahoo. I lurk and feel people out.

I'm a Taurus and a redhead. Therefore, I have the combination of a bad temper and the tendency to speak my mind. Sometimes it comes out a little harsh. What sounds good in my head, doesn't mean it looks good when you read it. So I tend to not comment a lot. I like yaoi, yuri and het. Please don't come in here with a small mind cause I will rip you a new one. Piss me off and I will send you off into the sunset with my middle finger waving.

First off, no drama. Don't need it. Don't want it.

No, I won't help you code your journal. Sorry. Might I suggest Component Help? Read the guides and tutorials. Then read them again. It really isn't that hard.

I made the header; don't steal it.

If you post a lot of pics in your journal, could you please use an LJ cut? It jacks up my layout and makes my friends page go wonky.

If you are a serial adder, then hit the back button. I am not interested. If you came via a mutual friend, say hi. Who knows? We might have something in common. If we don't, no harm done. :)

Fandoms I drift in:

Gundam Wing
Fruits Basket
Full Metal Alchemist
Tags: friends only, public service announcement
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Hello! I'm the one doing your fic for the GW fic exchange and I wanted to make sure that I'm starting on the right track before I get too far and have to start all over again. I hope you don't mind longish fics. Anyway. I added you to my friends list and did some group thing so that I can put the fic on my journal and only you and one other person can see it. I think you should be able to see it without having to add me to your friends list. If you'd rather, I can do it through email instead or not at all. I just hate to be a bother.

No bother. *smiles* I didn't sign up for a fic on the fic exchange.. But I would still love to read it, if the person who requested doesn't mind.
Two fairly inane things. One, where is that image from? I've seen it frequently, and not surprisingly, as it is Bitchin'; no one who uses it as an icon seems to know its origins, at least not that I've asked, and I'm just casting the net a bit further.

Second, I've always liked your handle. I had to tack on the 1 here because someone else had already taken my preferred online name here on LJ...and of course she's never used it. -_- Did you have the same problem?

*waves and saunters off*
How strange. Your entry just now came to my e-mail. LJ has issues I think.

The image came from moon_fae over at Greatest Journal.

And my handle. My daughter came up with the name when she first started learning Japanese. I have another journal here that is youkai_tsuki; I had to add the 1 when I changed ISP's and lost the e-mail with my password. *hangs head in shame*

Again, I apologize for not replying sooner.
XD Lord, I'm not sure I even remember which image I was asking about...the purple-hued girl with the wings and water? *sheepish shrug*

S'okay. You did give me a bit of a start when I spotted the e-mail note; I had forgotten about my note here. I occasionally get a "HEY let's go bug random people on LJ!" hare up my nose, and I'm used to many not panning out. ^_~