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My journal is friends only. I use this journal to rant about a lot of things. I am a nice person so don't be afraid, click on the comment button.

To help you along, I list some of my likes and whatnot behind the cut.

I'm a mom who lives in Texas. I'm married, have four children, a couple of dogs and a cat. I like to read fanfics and play lots of video games. In truth, I am a dull person. Every now and again I will get the urge to write something. I tend to keep a low profile. It's nothing against you; that's just the way I am. It's extremely doubtful that I will approach you first, whether it be LJ, AIM or Yahoo. I lurk and feel people out.

I'm a Taurus and a redhead. Therefore, I have the combination of a bad temper and the tendency to speak my mind. Sometimes it comes out a little harsh. What sounds good in my head, doesn't mean it looks good when you read it. So I tend to not comment a lot. I like yaoi, yuri and het. Please don't come in here with a small mind cause I will rip you a new one. Piss me off and I will send you off into the sunset with my middle finger waving.

First off, no drama. Don't need it. Don't want it.

No, I won't help you code your journal. Sorry. Might I suggest Component Help? Read the guides and tutorials. Then read them again. It really isn't that hard.

I made the header; don't steal it.

If you post a lot of pics in your journal, could you please use an LJ cut? It jacks up my layout and makes my friends page go wonky.

If you are a serial adder, then hit the back button. I am not interested. If you came via a mutual friend, say hi. Who knows? We might have something in common. If we don't, no harm done. :)

Fandoms I drift in:

Gundam Wing
Fruits Basket
Full Metal Alchemist
Tags: friends only, public service announcement

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