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Yes! Finally

Yes, yes and yes. The long awaited video game that I have been dying to get my hands on ships out the first week of August. Comsidering that I paid for it last year and have impatently waited since January because that was the first promised ship date, I want it now. I will have to clean files from my computer or maybe I can sweet talk Wes into buying me that external hard drive now. Yes I think I will try that route first. *rubs hands together in anticipation*

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    My journal is friends only. I use this journal to rant about a lot of things. I am a nice person so don't be afraid, click on the comment button.…

  • Testing

    Under construction. Coding gives me a headache. Move along people... :)

  • I am so good

    I beat my game - Wes got pissed at his and gave up. I am going to bed.

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